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What are you holding back?

Have you ever held yourself back from showing who your truly are, what you really think and how you actually feel? Have you withheld your input because you are worried about how it may be perceived or that there may be a negative reaction to your truth?

I know I have.

I often ‘edit’ my own words in my head before I speak. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not referring to keeping unkind words to yourself. As my mother would say “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” We need to use common sense when we speak and be careful how we use our words.  However, I am specifically talking about ‘editing’ your voice before it’s even heard.

How many times do we question our own thoughts and feelings? We try to ensure that we are speaking in the language or tone of those around us or agreeing with the popular opinions we come across. Through social media and in this world of photoshop and filters we edit much of our lives, whether we even mean to or even realize that we do. We edit our lives to present to others parts of ourselves that we believe is most valuable or will be most popular. This can take place online in cyberspace or in person. We can live our lives in ‘edit’ mode, holding back the parts of our lives, opinions or thoughts what we deem not valuable enough to be spoken or heard.

However, to hold back and to ‘edit’ our own voice before we have even spoken is to the detriment of the raw, unfiltered gold inside all of us. It is your unique tone that nobody else has, an outlook and vision, that no one else can see or a passionate expression that others may not understand. It is inside of you, and you alone, you just must draw it out. The gold that is within you is unique to you so don’t keep it quiet or hold it back. The world that is desperate for your voice, your passion, and your vision, because no one else can offer it.

Pillar Clothing Co is an expression of our voice. It is our action. What is yours?



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