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We love LIFE

We love life.
We always have! To a degree, I do mean enjoying life, because we love doing that too, but it's more than that. We love and value life in every sense of the word.  While we were still dating, Nathan and I would find ourselves having discussions about what would happen if we found an unwanted baby. Would we, individually, take the baby in? Would we put our hands up to love a child that was unwanted? And despite the personal cost to us individually, would we still love this little life?

Through these discussions the answers that came even in the most difficult, albeit imagined, circumstances was always a resounding YES!
Even to this day, in the midst of what seems a hectic life with our four children, two businesses and time spent volunteering, we will still say yes. Always, yes! Because life is valuable, and that little one is worth it. Every. single. time. 

We love life.
It is precious in every aspect! Each and every time we found out we were pregnant, even with our baby I miscarried at 7 weeks, we were so excited. We were thrilled to see the little heart beating in the dating scan at 6 weeks old, then only a few weeks later seeing how much they grown and formed by 13 weeks old. Feeling those kicks and movements as my pregnancies progressed was precious. Finding out the sex at 20 weeks and seeing those little limbs moving at the same time as feeling kicks left us in awe. Life begins so sweetly and innocently, protected in a mothers womb. We loved watching and learning in more detail at each stage, marvelling at how the human body nurtures and creates this beautiful little life. We believe that as a forward thinking, well educated, scientifically based society, we can do better than the options we currently offer for women in crisis pregnancy. 

We love life.
This crazy, wild adventure. It can bring the greatest of joys and the deepest of heart aches. Our children are blessed to be in a safe and loving environment, but not all children have that benefit. There is 50,000 children within the foster care system in Australia that are without a permanent residence or place to call home. They do not have a place to belong. When I think about my own children, if they were to be in the foster care system, without permanency, it would break them. For the sake of children, just like our own, we must do something to change this. For the sake of society and the generations to come in Australia, we must do something to change this.

And we can. We can make a difference.
"Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing, because he can only do a little" - Edmund Burke

Family is a pillar of society. Children are our greatest assets. We are aiming to make an impact on family and society in 2019 and beyond. So we've created the Pillar Clothing Co brand and the Pillar Tribe. Our t-shirts (and upcoming other  apparel) are a way to do that 'little' as Edmund Burke said, for each and everyone of us. We offer uncompromising quality, streetwear style and also create impact on the world around us. 

So, will you join us?


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